Support & Programs for Kids & Teens

Cancer affects a family in many ways. Every family member’s experience is unique and different, often making it hard to know how to provide support to one another. There are changes in day-to-day routines and more responsibilities to be managed. Feelings of anger, sadness, helplessness, regret and fear may touch different family members at different times, making life unpredictable
for everyone.

When someone in the family has cancer, it is normal to focus attention on that person’s medical treatment, and their well-being. Many parents try to protect their children by not sharing information about the situation. We don’t often realize that even if they are not told about cancer, children of all ages can feel the impact of an illness on a family. 

The Cancer support Community offers a variety of programs and services for families, teens and kids.

Affiliate Programs

Each CSC Affiliate location has a program focused on children and/or teens. Programs vary depending on the Affiliate. Search for the local program closest to your home and contact them directly.

Frankly Speaking about Cancer

Cancer Support Community’s Frankly Speaking about Cancer has a publication focused on parenting through cancer called "What Do I Tell the Kids?” designed specifically for families facing cancer.  Visit our Frankly Speaking About Cancer section to order a print copy.

Radio Show

CSC’s radio show also has multiple episodes focused on children affected by cancer, focusing on parenting with cancer and being a teen living with a parent’s cancer. Browse our radio shows here.


Cancer Support Community’s recent webinar “Talking With Our Children” provides insight and tips on how parents and children can communicate during the cancer journey.

Teen Support Community - Group Loop

Group Loop is a safe place for teens touched by cancer to connect to find support, education and hope while dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Support Helpline

Anyone affected by the cancer journey can find support over the phone through the Cancer Support Helpline. Call 888-793-9355 anytime Monday-Friday 9 AM-9 PM ET.