Key Questions for Treatment

Key Questions About Your Loved Ones Treatment Options
  • What is the goal of treatment? 
  • Why is the doctor recommending one treatment over another? 
  • What are the benefits of each viable treatment? 
  • What are the risks? 
  • Are clinical trials an option? 
  • How can we manage or prepare for side effects associated with each treatment? 
  • How often will treatment be given, and where? 
  • How long does each treatment last? 
  • Does the facility where treatment will be given also offer resources for emotional support? 
  • If cost is a problem: Are there ways to help our family with the costs of treatment? 

Key Questions When Making Your Treatment Decision

If your loved one would rather that you do the talking, you can help by asking these (and other) questions. If he or she prefers to do the talking, you can help by taking note of the answers. 

  • How much experience does the recommended doctor have in treating your loved one's specific cancer type?
  • Is he/she board-certified in medical, surgical and/or radiation oncology? 
  • Does the medical team stay up-to-date on the latest treatments for your loved one's cancer? 
  • Does this doctor and medical facility accept your loved one’s insurance? 
  • Where will treatment be given? (In-patient? Out-patient? location?) 
  • Will you and your loved one have access to an oncology nurse and/or oncology social worker to help with education and support? 
  • What other support services are available? 
  • How and when can you or your loved one contact the treatment team with ongoing questions? (Can you use email or phone, or does the doctor prefer only office visits?) 
  • Could you have the name of another oncologist, for a second opinion

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