Every person manages stress, worry, and other emotions differently, no matter what the situation. The ways people deal with emotions are often referred to as coping mechanisms. Men and women often differ in the ways they cope. In general, it is good to become aware of how you cope with difficult situations to help you get through this immediate and intense time of stress. Ideally, you can adopt active coping mechanisms. 

Active Coping Mechanisms 

  • Define the problem 
  • Decide what elements of the problem you can and cannot control 
  • Look for advice and information to deal with the problem 
  • Make a plan to deal with the problem (think Optimistically and Creatively) 
  • Take action to solve the problem 
  • If the problem cannot be “solved,” try to adopt a new perspective to make it an issue you can live with 
  • Become aware of your feelings 
  • Find a support group

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