Treatment-Related Expenses

Treatment-related expenses are costs associated with the treatment of cancer such as chemotherapy or radiation. Depending upon your insurance plan, you may be required to pay a co-pay at the time of each treatment. If the recommended treatment is considered experimental, investigational, or off-label, your insurance company may not cover some aspects of the care such as the cost of the medication or the cost of the entire treatment. Talk to your treatment team to learn more about your specific treatment plan.

Questions for your insurance company representative or health care team
  • Who can help me get an estimate of the total costs to me based on the treatment plan recommended by my doctor(s)? 
  • Will there be a co-pay for each individual treatment? 
  • What do you recommend if I cannot afford this prescribed treatment plan? Are there other equally effective, less-expensive options for treatment? 
  • Does my health insurance company need to approve any — or all — of the treatment plan before I begin receiving therapy? What needs approval? 
  • What is not covered under my health insurance if I’m admitted to the hospital?
  • What is not covered under my health insurance if I’m treated as an outpatient? 
  • Are there organizations who might provide financial assistance with my co-pays? 
Questions for your health care team
  • Is the treatment facility you are recommending in my health plan’s network? 
  • Are there ways to change my treatment schedule, if necessary, to work around my job or child care? (These are important questions to ask if you are worried about the cost of missing work or paying for childcare while you are receiving treatment.)

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