Transportation Expenses

Transportation expenses include the cost of travel to receive treatment whether it is by car, bus, train, or airplane. It may also include the price of hotels or other lodging needed if you travel for treatment. A big unexpected expense for some people affected by cancer is the cost of parking while receiving treatment. Some costs for transportation to medically necessary treatments are considered medical expenses which may be tax-deductible.

Questions for your health care team
  • Is there free or low-cost transportation for your patients? 
  • Do you have free or reduced parking rates for your patients? 
  • Are there organizations that can provide free transportation or help me pay for transportation to and from treatments and medical appointments? 
  • If I am traveling a long distance, are there free or reduced-cost hotels or lodging near the treatment facility? 
Questions for your insurance company representative
  • Are transportation costs covered under my health insurance policy? 
Questions for your tax preparer
  • Which transportation costs related to health care are considered to be medical expenses for tax purposes? What documentation do I need?

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