Rehabilitation Care Expenses

Sometimes during the course of cancer treatment, individuals benefit from a stay in a rehabilitation hospital or similar facility. A rehabilitation facility is different from long-term or custodial care in a nursing home. Depending on the type of cancer, the individual’s needs, and the recommended treatment, there may be a need to learn new skills or simply increase physical strength or stamina. Rehabilitation coverage varies greatly, so advocating for what you or your loved one needs with your insurance company, your treatment team, and any rehabilitation facilities is crucial.

Questions for your insurance company representative or health care team
  • Do I have a rehabilitation benefit? If so, what will it cover? 
  • Does my insurance company have preferred providers? 
  • What is the process if I would like another facility to be paid as a “preferred provider”? 
  • If I haven’t met my rehabilitation goals before my insurance benefit runs out, how will that be handled? 
Questions for your health care team
  • What are the goals of my stay in a rehabilitation facility? 
  • How long do you estimate I will need to stay at the rehabilitation facility to meet these goals? 
  • Why are you recommending a rehabilitation facility instead of outpatient rehabilitation or rehabilitation at my home? 
Questions for the rehabilitation facility
  • If insurance will not cover my stay, do you offer a discounted rate to people paying out-of-pocket?

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