Family & Living Expenses

Normal living expenses do not go away when you or someone you love has cancer. In fact, some people find that they have additional expenses such as special nutritional supplements, childcare and/ or eldercare. It may not always be possible to be there when your child comes home from school or to drive your mother to an appointment as you did before the cancer diagnosis. It can be helpful to anticipate these expenses as you gather information about the cost of cancer care.

Questions for your health care team
  • If I have trouble paying for basic items, like food or heat, due to the cost of my cancer treatment, what are the organizations that can help me? 
  • If I need nutritional supplements, will they be covered by insurance? If not, is there a program to help me get supplements that are free or at a reduced price? 
  • Where can I get low-cost or free child or elder care services during my treatment? 
  • Are there ways to change my treatment schedule, if necessary, to work around my child’s school schedule (or elder’s appointment schedule)? 
  • If I need a wig, will it be covered under my insurance? If not, is there somewhere I can get one free or at a reduced cost?

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