Legal Expenses

For most people, legal issues and expenses aren’t the first thought after a diagnosis of cancer. However, some people can benefit from professional guidance related to health insurance coverage, addressing lost wages, learning about employment rights under the law, appealing Social Security Disability decisions, figuring out medical expenses when filing income taxes, writing a will, or creating a living will or advance directives.

Questions for your health care team
(An oncology social worker can be very helpful in responding to these questions)
  • Who can I talk with if I’ve lost income because of my cancer? 
  • If I have questions about my rights as an employee with cancer, who can help me understand my legal rights? 
  • If my caregiver has difficulties at his or her job because of my cancer, who can help us understand our legal rights? 
  • Where can I get low-cost or free help with estate planning and legal issues, such as writing my will or granting a power of attorney? 
  • Who can help me with a living will or advance directives? 

Questions for a legal professional
  • Do you have a reduced rate or pro bono (free) program for people affected by cancer? 
  • Do you or do you know of other organizations that provide free or low cost legal advice and services specifically to people affected by cancer?

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