Psychotherapy & Counseling Expenses

Many people affected by cancer find it helpful to meet with a counselor, psychotherapist or other licensed mental health professionals during the cancer experience. One-on-one meetings with a psychotherapist are often covered under a mental health benefit of health insurance plans. The Wellness Community and other cancer support organizations offer support groups facilitated by trained professionals at no cost.

Questions for your health care team
  • Does your organization provide individual counseling to people affected by cancer? If so, is there a cost? 
  • If there is a cost, do you accept my insurance? 
  • If you do not provide individual counseling, who do you recommend? 
  • Is there an organization that can provide low-cost or free counseling or support to my family? 

Questions for your insurance company representative
  • Does my insurance have a mental health benefit? 
  • If so, what is covered and how do I access this benefit? 
  • Is prior authorization required? 
  • Is there a co-pay for each visit? 
  • How many visits may I make before a new authorization or further authorization is necessary? 
  • Are there counselors on the panel specially trained and experienced in working with people affected by cancer? (A panel is comprised of therapists approved by the insurance company.) 
  • If not, what is the process for having a therapist trained to work with those affected by cancer paid at the same rate as a member of the panel?

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