Clinical Trial Expenses

Clinical trial expenses are a subcategory of treatment expenses. Clinical trials are part of a long and careful research process. Studies are done with patients to find out whether promising approaches to treatment are safe and effective. Such trials usually compare the new treatment to the existing standard of care. They are sometimes called experimental or investigational. If you are interested in participating, there are many additional questions you should ask to determine which trials are available and the risks and benefits of each.

There may be charges associated with the clinical trial depending upon the trial and your insurance coverage. These expenses are usually not more costly than treatment that is not part of a trial, but it is important to ask about these costs before you begin a clinical trial.

Questions for your insurance company representative or health care team
  • What expenses will I have if I join a clinical trial? 
  • How do the costs I would incur while participating in the clinical trial compare with the costs I would incur while receiving the standard treatment? Does one cost more than another? 
  • Can I be reimbursed for any of the costs of the clinical trial, including travel and lodging? 
  • Does my state require coverage of routine care costs if I participate in a clinical trial? 
  • If coverage for a clinical trial is denied, who can my physician speak with to discuss this further?

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