Private Duty, Long-Term & Custodial Care Expenses

Unlike home health care, private duty, companion and custodial care are usually not covered by health insurance. Private duty or custodial care includes services such as having someone drive to your home to fix meals or drive you to medical appointments. Similarly, long-term care is usually not covered by health insurance. Long-term care usually involves extended care at a nursing home or other specialized facility for a longer period of time than rehabilitation care.

Questions for your health care team
  • Are there local organizations that provide low-cost or free private duty care or other services? 
  • Are there ways to change my treatment schedule, if necessary, to work around my caregiver’s job schedule?
  • Should I plan financially for long-term medical care, such as a nursing home or hospice care? 
Questions for your insurance company representative
  • Are private duty care and long-term care covered under my health insurance policy? 
Questions for the private duty agency or long-term care facility
  • Do you have a special rate for people paying out-of-pocket? 
  • What types of payment plans do you have? 
  • Should I apply for state long-term care Medicaid?

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