Finding Hope and Support

People affected by cancer hope for many things: peace in relationships; good communication with doctors; a way to come to terms with cancer; and certainly for the recovery of physical and emotional health. By being empowered during cancer treatment and with your support systems, you can balance optimism and hope with a realistic understanding of your experiences. You can more effectively deal with information, regain a sense of control, and find hope that you are not alone. Hope is found throughout the cancer experience in a variety of ways – and science is offering new hope for the best possible treatments available today and in the future.

Whether you are someone with MPNs or someone close to you has MPNs, it can be very helpful to talk with others in a similar situation who will understand what you are going through in a way that others who have experienced similar situations. Support from others who understand can help to improve your ability to cope, your ability to feel more into control over your situation and your sense of security.  Below is a list of organizations that offer support and information to people impacted by a diagnosis of MPNs.

Cancer Support Community
HelpLine 888-793-9355

American Cancer Society

Cancer Care

Chronic Disease Fund

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

MPN Education Foundation

MPN Research Foundation

National Cancer Institute

National Organization of Rare Disorders

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