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You may feel that support groups or counseling are for people with worse problems than you – or the idea of speaking with strangers would not be comfortable. The truth is, this is a time when supportive services could help you find ways to talk about and understand what you’re going through in a way that can only come from people who have experienced similar stressors. Opening lines of communication with people who really understand what you are experiencing can help you improve your ability to cope, your ability to regain control over your situation, and your sense of security in having people you can count on.

Part of the challenge is accepting that you need support, and that it’s okay. The following organizations can connect you with support groups, informative resources, one-on-one counseling, online bulletin boards, or with other women who can speak from experience about breast cancer treatment or reconstruction.

 In addition, you may also want to seek helpful information and support from:
  • - provides comprehensive information about breast health, breast cancer awareness and reconstruction options, including testimonials
  • - a foundation dedicated to finding resources for women who wish to undergo reconstruction after cancer
  • - a comprehensive online resource focused on breast reconstruction
  • - the American Cancer Society, with active bulletin boards and in-depth online resources
  • - covering many aspects of breast cancer and its treatment, including information about reconstruction
  • - helps cancer patients facing the risk of infertility

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