Choosing to Undergo Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction can be a tool to help you feel whole again, and help you get back on track. If you are interested in reconstruction, you’ll want to make sure that you learn about all types of breast reconstruction options and which would be acceptable for you. Click here for an easy to read, comprehensive table that discusses several breast reconstruction options in detail.

If you have a medical oncologist, it is also important to have your plastic surgeon talk with him/her about the cancer treatments you’ve had. For example, immediate reconstruction may not be an option for someone who is required to undergo radiation therapy. Click here for breast reconstruction questions to further discuss with your healthcare team.

Concerns about Implants
Fears about silicone leakage have led the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to evaluate breast implants. The FDA has determined that most silicone filled implants are safe for both reconstruction and cosmetic reasons. Discuss any concerns you have about implants with your surgeon. You should know that implants may need to be replaced with surgery at some point in your lifetime. Implants can leak or tear, cause an infection, or develop scar tissue – but these things can be managed effectively with your surgeon.

More on breast implant safety is available at:

 Concerns about Surgery

Like any major surgery, your surgeon should explain and discuss the complications and time commitments associated with your specific procedure, as well as methods to prevent problems. Ask questions so that you fully understand risks before making your decision. 

Surgery, in general, can pose a number of risks (infection, bleeding, blood clots, pain, reactions to medications or general anesthesia, etc.). However, each individual is unique and reacts differently –ideally problems can be avoided or well managed. Stay on top of changes that you experience and stay in touch with your doctor if you are concerned about something that doesn’t look or feel right.

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