Breast Reconstruction eBook

Breast Reconstruction eBook

A woman's breast cancer diagnosis is often complicated by other tough choices she must make, such as choosing whether to undergo breast reconstruction or not. The 2014 Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Breast Reconstruction eBook includes information on: 

  • Reconstruction and non-reconstruction options available 
  • Common short and long-term expectations, with facts about the benefits and challenges for each reconstruction option
  • Valuable questions to ask and discuss with your health care team, family members, insurance company, and yourself
  • The recovery process after reconstructive surgery, with helpful tips
  • Resources for more information and support
  • Videos of women sharing their experiences of choosing to have reconstruction or not



CSC would like to thank our Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Breast Reconstruction program partners Bright Pink, FORCE, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, SHARE, and Young Survival Coalition.

CSC would also like to thank MENTOR  for their generous contribution for this eBook.