Videos: Perspectives on Reconstruction

Insights and Perspectives on Breast Reconstruction          

The decision about whether or not to have breast reconstruction after breast cancer is tremendously difficult
and it requires a great deal of thought. Often, women diagnosed with breast cancer are asked to make a
variety of decisions about possible treatments including surgery for lumpectomy, mastectomy, or preventive
mastectomy. Then at the same time, asked whether or not they want to undergo breast reconstruction
to restore one or both breasts, and which type of reconstruction they want to have. This is a lot to
In this series of videos, we shed light upon this very personal decision to help you understand the options
available, the decision-making process, common medical and emotional influences, and tips from other
women on what helped them during this time.  Our goal is to help you feel more comfortable and confident
with your decisions as you move forward.
Desiree: Choosing what's right for me.  
Jordan: When you ask a question, ask it
until you hear the answer.
Josie: How meditation and yoga helped me.   Lisa M.: I had to learn to let other people
help me.
Charmaine: What I've learned from living
with breast cancer.
  Dr. Strauss: How to prepare for
Josie: How I learned to cope with my
  Dr. Straus: Reasons to get a second
Patrice: My perspective -- getting a
second opinion.
  Charmaine: How I decided to not have
Charmaine: I want to be an Amazon
  Dr. Strauss: What you should know about
Dr. Strauss: What you should know about
  Patrice: Why I chose the TRAM flap.
Jordan: Recovery: It took a lot longer than
I expected.
  Lisa R.: Recovery: the mastectomy was a
loss -- the reconstruction was a gain.
Ellen, Social Worker: Knowing when
"being down" has transitioned into
  Ellen, Social Worker: Talking to other
 Lisa R.: Being able to give back.   Desiree: These things helped me moved
 Lisa M.: Some days are better than others.