Breast Reconstruction - More Videos

Additional Videos about Breast Reconstruction          

Here are additional videos with more insights and perspectives on breast reconstruction.

In this series of videos, we shed light upon this very personal decision to help you understand the
options available, the decision-making process, common medical and emotional influences, and
tips from other women on what helped them during this time.  Our goal is to help you feel more
comfortable and confident with your decisions as you move forward.

Patrice: This kind of diagnosis stops you in your
tracks, but don't let it stop you
Charmaine: Getting a good support team from
the beginning
Lisa R.: My kids are 16, 13 and 10   Dr. Strauss.: The current standard of breast
cancer care
Dr. Strauss: Lumpectomy vs. Mastectomy

  Dr. Strauss: Breast reconstruction - knowing
your rights as a patient reconstruction.
Lisa M.: I asked a million questions   Desiree: Think about who you are and where
you are in life
Charmaine: Do Your Research Ahead of time
  Dr. Strauss: What to ask when considering
breast reconstruction
Ellen, Social Worker: Considerations when
choosing a treatment
  Lisa R.: Knowing all the options
Ellen, Social Worker: What is Open to Options?   Patrice: Why I chose the TRAM flap
Lisa R.: You think you know it all, but you don't   Lisa M.: If they are speaking doctor language
Lisa M.: The relationship with your doctors   Lisa R.: I wanted to stay in the cocoon of my
original decision
Lisa R.: Why I chose the TRAM flap over
  Lisa M.: What it was like to have delayed
Ellen, Social Worker: Resources for support   Desiree: With other cancer survivors, you 
don't have to say anything and they know
Lisa R.: I got support from people that I didn't even
  Patrice: What kept me going
Lisa R.: I didn't want the summer to go by 
without being able to enjoy it
   Patrice: Nutrition and diet
 Dr. Strauss: Follow up after reconstruction