Getting A Cancer Diagnosis: First Steps

Getting a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Suddenly, the simple routines of your life may feel like they’ve been thrown out the door and several uncertainties seem to lie ahead.  However, know that you are not alone, and there are many resources and support systems to assist you in navigating through your disease.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Throughout your Cancer Journey 

Undergoing treatment is challenging but taking steps to ensure you are maintaining a healthy lifestyle can make a world of difference in how you get through your cancer journey. Whether it is adding 15 minutes of physical activity to your day or learning how to make the most of your doctor appointments , developing or continuing healthy habits will not only help you lessen the rigors of cancer treatment, but benefit you even after treatment is finished. 

Cancer patients nationwide have expressed the need for more support in nutrition, exercise, emotional health, and medical management. The Living Healthy with Cancer program brings together recommendations and tips in these areas to help you develop or maintain a healthy lifestyle during treatment.  

Empower Yourself

The first critical step is to empower yourself. At Cancer Support Community, “empower yourself” is a phrase we use to describe the ongoing process of making a personal effort to become educated about your cancer diagnosis, your treatment, your health care team, and ways to improve your overall wellbeing.  To become “empowered” means that you choose to adopt a series of actions, behaviors, and attitudes that can improve the quality of your life. It’s not about making monumental changes but rather small incremental steps such as asking questions or self-educating to gain a sense of confidence and control as you move forward with your cancer treatment. 

Your active participation in the choices you make with your health care team can make a big difference in your cancer experience and quality of life.  Each individual is unique; each person’s cancer is different.  You are the expert in your cancer experience in relation to how you feel, what is important to you, and what you want.  Work with your health team to tailor steps to healthy living with what best works for you. 

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