Combating your Side Effects with Exercise

Cancer related symptoms can sometimes be lessened through exercise as there have been several studies that have documented the benefits of exercise to this extent. Here are some ways to incorporate exercises to help lessen some of your side effects.

 If you are experiencing:  Exercise Can:  Try: 
Fatigue  Help you feel more rested and energetic
  • Exercise for small periods of time, several times a day instead of one extended period.
  • If possible, start an exercise program prior to starting treatment so it will be easier to stick to your routine when you start to feel the fatigue from treatment.
Weight Loss Prevent the loss of muscle mass
  • Aim to perform resistance training exercises twice a week (discuss with doctor first).
  • Vary the number of repetitions of each exercise and increase as you get stronger. 
Weight Gain Help maintain or lose weight
  • Aim for several sessions of cardio activity each week.
  • Change the length and type of exercise in order to keep your metabolism going.
Sleep Problems Improve your sleep
  • Make sure you do not exercise directly prior to bedtime, as it will make falling asleep more difficult.  Give yourself at minimum 2 hours between exercise and sleep.
  • Incorporate whole body exercises into your regimen.  Exerting more energy during the day will most likely help you sleep.

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