Using Relaxation Techniques

With the hardships and obstacles that may come with cancer, it is normal for you to feel stressed or worried at times.  However, take some time to relax and relieve your tensions.  Even a small break to do some breathing exercises can help revive you for dealing with your cancer treatment.  

Methods for Relaxation that Can Help You Throughout Your Cancer Treatment

  • Mind body exercises: These exercises include yoga, Tai Chi, NIA, and others.  They incorporate a connection between the mind and body to release your stress and put your body in a state of relaxation through postures and breathing
  • Meditation: A practice where you relax your mind and focus on an inner calm
  • Visualization and guided imagery: A relaxation technique where you use images and mental pictures to help stimulate a calm sense of relaxation
  • Breathing exercises: This involves deep and slow breathing while your mind is focused on the inhaling, exhaling, and relaxing of muscles
  • Biofeedback: A process where you gain awareness of the physical changes that occur when you are stressed and learn how to change them with specific techniques
  • Progressive Relaxation: A way of releasing tension in your muscles by focusing on one body part at a time and progressively relaxing and tightening muscles across the body

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