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Cancer Support Community (CSC) is pleased to launch a new and exciting program called Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Living Healthy with Cancer.  This innovative program provides vital information and tips on nutrition, exercise, psychosocial support, and medical management for cancer patients.  Getting a cancer diagnosis and going through treatment is tough as it is. Cancer Support Community hopes that this will be a valuable resource to the community as it conveniently brings together information on different areas of one’s life to provide empowerment for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through active treatment. This program includes:
  • CDC recommendations about immunizations 
  • Benefits, tips, and considerations of exercise when going through treatment
  • Healthy ways to cope with your emotions and stress
  • Nutrition and ways to manage eating healthy while dealing with side effects of cancer treatment
  • How to make the most out of your medical appointments 
  • Ways to manage side effects of treatment and your medication
  • Guidance on working with the healthcare team

Besides the website content you’ll find here, Living Healthy with Cancer information is presented seamlessly through a medically reviewed fact-sheet , radio shows with expert speakers on the topic, as well as a radio media tour.

With our collaboration with Bright Pink, Cancer Legal Resource Center, Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, Fight Colorectal Cancer, Livestrong, Lung Cancer AllianceOvarian Cancer National Alliance, Patient Advocate Foundation, and Young Survival Coalition, CSC hopes that Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Living Healthy with Cancer will be a useful educational resource that will increase awareness of general health habits and benefit those affected by cancer.

This program was made possible through the generous support of Pfizer Inc.

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