What is Frankly Speaking About Cancer®?

Frankly Speaking About Cancer is the Cancer Support Community’s landmark cancer education series, providing sound medical and psychological information for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Easy to Understand Information about Cancer 

Through a variety of means (print, online and in-person programs) we present information about cancer in a conversational way.  Having trusted, easy to understand information that demystifies life with cancer can help you and your loved ones feel better about the choices you make about managing your cancer care. 

We want to provide you with information that helps you talk with your doctor and other members of your health care team so you can work together to manage your care.  Remember, you may have cancer but cancer doesn’t have you.

Free Cancer Education Materials and Programs

Best of all, our materials and programs are free to patients and loved ones.  Our materials are reviewed by medical experts including oncologists, nurses, social workers, and patient advocacy groups and even patients and caregivers. In our books, you will see pictures and read quotes from real people dealing with the topic of the book.  In our workshops you will have a chance to ask questions of medical experts, patients and other experts. 

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