Re-Mission 2: Can a Video Game Make a Difference?-10/29/13

What do video games have to do with helping children with cancer? HopeLab and Cigna Total Health are hoping that their video game, “Re-Mission 2,” will give kids with cancer a positive attitude about their treatment.

On this show with guest host Linda House of the Cancer Support Community, we hear more about this unique project with guests Dr. Scott Josephs of Cigna Total Health and Network and Richard Tate of HopeLab. We’ll find out if “Re-Mission 2” has succeeded in its own mission and what its creative team is learning along the way.

“Re-Mission 2” was designed by HopeLab, a research and development nonprofit that designs tech products to support health and wellbeing. Cigna Total Health and Network began working with HopeLab in 2007 and is helping to promote Re-Mission 2 to ensure that the video game gets in the hands of every young person with cancer around the world.

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