Overview of Frankly Speaking About® Programs

The Cancer Support Community offers a number of free resources on a variety of topics through our Frankly Speaking About® series, through workshops, publications and digital content. Below is an overview of our offerings.

General Information


Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Coping with the Cost of Care
  Frankly Speaking About Cancer: 
Your Immune System & Cancer Treatment
A practical guide to navigating the
complex challenges of  managing
the expenses associated with the
cost of cancer care.

  Today, immunotherapy is one of the most
exciting areas of news discoveries and
treatments for many different kinds of cancer.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: 
New Discoveries
  Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Treatments and Side Effects
A program that discusses the most current
innovations occurring in oncology including
the newest cancer therapies available, 
treatments that are still being tested in 
clinical trials, and information on the
emotional and psychological impact of cancer.
  An educational program designed to help
people learn about cancer treatments and
manage the physical side effects from
treatment, as well as the emotional burden.


Cancer Specific Information

Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Brain Tumors
  Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Breast Reconstruction
An educational booklet for anyone who has
received a brain tumor diagnosis and their
loved ones. This booklet discusses treatments,
side effect management, the emotional
impact of a brain tumor diagnosis, and
helpful tips to address these issues.
  This program streamlines information about
breast reconstruction and provides useful
tools to help women speak openly with
their physicians.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Liver Cancer

  Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Lung Cancer

If you have received a primary liver
cancer diagnosis, this booklet provides
you with information about liver cancer,
treatment options, partnering with your
health care team, managing the
emotional impact of a liver cancer
diagnosis, and a listing of resources
for support.
  A comprehensive program that empowers
people affected by lung cancer with information
on treatment decision-making, side effects
management, and improving quality of life
during and after diagnosis.

Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Metastatic Breast Cancer
  Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Multiple Myeloma
A program developed specifically for
people diagnosed with metastatic
breast cancer that covers topics
ranging from treatment and side
effect information to quality of
life issues.
  This program was developed specifically
for people living with multiple myeloma
and their loved ones. Information includes
treatment of multiple myeloma, potential
side effect, tips on partnering with your
health care team, and resources
for support. 
Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
This booklet is to help you take more
control over your situation and your
treatment decisions by better
understanding what myelofibrosis
is, how it’s diagnosed, treatments,
and what you may need to manage
the emotional impact of cancer.
It also provides information about
organizations and resources that
can help you find support.


Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
De Cuidador a Cuidador
  Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Breast Cancer Caregiver Guide
Developed in partnership with Nueva
Vida, Inc., this Spanish-language
booklet, De Cuidador a Cuidador
(From Caregiver to Caregiver), provides
much-needed information for caregivers
of women with breast cancer.
  This booklet provides resources, tips,
and support for those caring for a loved
one with breast cancer. 

Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Support From a Distance
  Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
Ten Tips for Caregivers
A caregiver empowerment booklet for
people who wish to help a loved one
with cancer when they live apart. It
offers practical guidance, helpful
care-management tools and resources
for long-distance caregivers.

  A caregiver empowerment booklet
for anyone caring for someone with
cancer. It shares information about
how to find additional support,
information, balance, and hope.
It also highlights inspirational true
stories from around the country.
Frankly Speaking About Cancer:
What Do I Tell the Kids
If you are concerned about children and teens
who are part of a family living with cancer this
book provides information and useful tips
on how to support them.