Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis
Available on Paperback or Kindle Editions

About the Authors: With a strong background in health care, patient education, and national patient advocacy, Kim Thiboldeaux is the President & CEO of the Cancer Support Community, a combination of The Wellness Community and Gilda's Club as well as one of the largest providers of social and emotional support worldwide. 
Mitch Golant, PhD, is a health psychologist and Senior VP Research & Training for the Cancer Support Community (CSC). He has traveled throughout the world introducing CSC's Patient Active Concept to international thought-leaders and psychosocial oncologists. He has been with CSC for over 28 years where he supervised and trained CSC's professional clinical staff.

Description: Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis is packed with incredible information and resources to get you or someone you love through the challenging journey of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. This book accurately and compassionately addresses the physical, emotional, social and practical needs of cancer patients and their support systems. Through powerful, first-person testimony, as well as a plethora of the best tips, evidence-based research, treatment and support information currently available, Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis will help cancer patients develop the strength and empowerment they need to stay focused on healing—and to develop the mindset of a survivor.
Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis can be purchased on Amazon with a portion of the proceeds going to support CSC.

Sleeping in Snow with Bears
Available in Paperback and Kindle Edition

About the Author: 
A.H. Pellett is a writer living in Nashville, TN. Pellett tells us he thought of CSC when he realized the parallels between Sleeping in Snow with Bears and CSC's mission in lending community support to people battling cancer who might not know how to fight it and/or otherwise feel like they are alone. Sleeping in Snow with Bears is Art's second completed manuscript and first published novel.

Description: Paparazzi aren't known for giving non-celebrities much of their professional attention, but when Pierre LeRoy stumbles across the riddle of Aimee Desberges, RN, and her best friend, Marcie Hamilton, while stalking out one of his favorite celebrity targets, he finds himself strangely intrigued. What is it about these two seemingly ordinary women that would make a world famous movie star risk a public arrest by the FBI, cross rugged mountains in a blinding snow storm, and even take a real bullet, all within 24 hours of the most important night of his career? What he finds in pursuit across two continents puts every generalization he has ever had about Hollywood, celebrities, American society, and governments to the test and astounds even the most jaundiced tabloid readers when he finally puts it all together for them, complete with the most gruesome photographs he’s ever taken. But before he files his story, Pierre must reconsider most everything he believes on nothing less than what the true spirit of mankind is really all about.
Sleeping in Snow with Bears can be purchased on Amazon with a portion of the proceeds going to support CSC.

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