What would you like to know about immunotherapy and treating cancer?

How is this used to treat patients with advanced cancers and how successful is it?

I have Stage 4 metastatic breast cancer to the bones. Have any immunotherapy trials been started for this cancer? If there are none now, any work being done on setting up such clinical trials?

How it treats cancer? What types of cancer are being treated at present? Are insurance companies paying for it? How expensive is it? How are the immunotherapeutic medications manufactured, and who is manufacturing them?

The long term side effects

Explanation was very good.  What do patients say about it?  (Side effects, for example)

Not really familiar with this.

I'd like to know everything on the cutting edge! Makes more sense to me than the surgery/chemo/radiation options--though this is really all that is solidly available right now.  I'd also really like to know how the above treatments--chemo and radiation mostly--affect the immune system, because I know they can cause long term damage.  My white blood cell count has been abnormal (not by a lot, but still, meaningful) since cancer treatment (stage II breast cancer) 6 years ago.  It has not improved. I worry about it, though so far, so good. I am told that this is the direct and known result of treatment, as it was perfectly ok before.

I would like to know when this therapy will be tried on Waldenstroms Macroglobulemia (WM)? Typically WM inherits the treatments that are approved for CLL.

What if your immune system has been damaged, for example by previous chemotherapy.  Would immune therapy still work?

Have you been on an immunotherapy clinical trial?  Tell us about your experience?

8 people said “no.” 

One commented: No, but I learned from this newsletter that clinical trials do NOT mean you might get a placebo.  I always wondered why anybody would agree to clinical trials.  Now I see that you get really good care, and it's not just "a shot in the dark."  Thank you for enlightening me!

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