Coping with the Cost of Care

This fall, CSC released the 2nd edition of one of its most popular Frankly Speaking About Cancer installments, Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Coping with the Cost of Care. Managing the cost of health care today can be extremely challenging for many Americans. CSC and its affiliate network are committed to empowering patients and families to connect with community resources and partner organizations.

Shedding light on both the practical and psychological impact of incurring debt, sometimes for the first time, and in combination with the psychological impact of coping with cancer, the Cancer Support Community (CSC) published Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Coping with the Cost of Care in 2009.  This 2nd edition, with support from Genentech and Eli Lilly & Company, addresses the current health care climate and streamlines the crucial financial resources available to people in treatment for cancer. Coping with the Cost of Care workshops, held in communities around the country, feature resources available both nationally and in each location’s local community.  Having access to financial advice and assistance is essential to empowering patients, their caregivers, families and friends.

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