Frankly Speaking About Cancer: New Discoveres

In May 2010, the Cancer Support Community released its 5th edition of Frankly Speaking About Cancer: New Discoveries featuring the latest information on cancer treatment, side-effect management and psychosocial aspects of the illness. CSC partnered with the Research Advocacy Network (RAN) to support program enhancements to this spotlight series piece. As CSC’s first advocacy partner on this program, RAN brings an elevated level of visibility to the publication and program.


Highlights from the 5th Edition feature:
  • Emerging Science: Uncovering Mysteries of Cancer Cells to Target Treatment
  • The Rise of Personalized Cancer Care
  • Cancer Prevention Innovation
  • Updated Chart on Targeted Therapies

The workshop series has been expanded to include three modules:
  • Frankly Speaking About Cancer: New Discoveries, A General Overview
  • Understanding Cancer Clinical Trials and the Decision-Making Process
  • Demystifying Breast Cancer Pathology Reports, A focus on Genomics

To learn more about the workshop series or to get your free copy of Frankly Speaking About Cancer: New Discoveries, visit

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