Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis

CSC is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis: The Cancer Support Community Handbook, which contains facts about cancer, treatment options, and side effect management from diagnosis through a sometimes unpredictable future. With a forward written by Dr. Mehmet Oz, this book accurately and compassionately covers everything you and your family need to know to address physical, emotional, social and practical needs and become active participants in your long-term plan for well-being. From this book, published by BenBella Books, Inc., you will understand and learn how to:
  • Become Empowered
  • Know Your Options
  • Make the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
  • Move From Patient to Survivor
Incorporating first-person testimony from CSC participants along with useful tips, evidence-based research, and valuable treatment and support information, Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis will truly prepare you to reclaim your life: become active in your treatment, grow from your experience, regain a sense of control and hope, stay focused on healing—and develop the mindset of a survivor!

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