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Cancer Survivor Registry 
New data from breast cancer survivors shows social & emotional issues are not being adequately addressed. CSC has released key findings on the Cancer Survivor Registry: The Breast Cancer Mind Affects the Physical (M.A.P.) Project. The vision for this registry is to give cancer survivors a unified voice to advance the understanding of their social and emotional needs. 

The index focuses on three key priority areas of interest: 
1) Treatment Decision Making; 
2) Survivorship Care Planning; and 
3) Distress Screening. 

According to the data, the majority of patients are unprepared for arguably one of the most important conversations they will have – discussing treatment options with their clinician. The findings provide new insights that enable CSC to take the lead in driving the recommendations forward. An immediate first step is to elevate awareness of these findings to researchers, health care professionals, advocates and policymakers. 

For more information on these important findings, or to access the report, visit

Distress Screening: Seeking Pilot Sites
CSC developed CancerSupportSource™ (CSS), the first comprehensive distress screening program for community-based hospitals, physician practices and advocacy organizations that integrates screening, referral and follow up care through a single, streamlined, web-based program. 

CancerSupportSource™ has completed validation and is undergoing beta-testing at multiple sites including small oncology practices and large community hospitals. To learn more, including how your institution can immediately become a pilot site, please contact Vicki Kennedy:; (202)650-5379.

Open to Options™
CSC is launching Open to OptionsTM, an evidence-based program that can improve treatment decision-making for those diagnosed with cancer. The program, which launched in April, includes a free national call center available by dialing (888) 793-9355 and features professional counselors who can help patients formulate a list of personalized questions and concerns that can be taken into the oncologist’s office. Click here to learn more. 

Young Leadership Council Update
With each new year, CSC’s Young Leadership Council (YLC) strengthens its resolve to help make a difference in the lives of those touched by cancer. 2012 brings with it a fresh Board of Directors, whose enthusiasm for CSC’s mission is unparalleled. 

This vibrant group of young professionals represents a new generation of leaders who are advancing the cause of social and emotional support for people living with cancer by raising awareness and organizing philanthropic initiatives to benefit CSC. Since YLC’s inaugural event in 2005, it has successfully raised over $850,000, and brought CSC’s mission to hundreds of new friends. Led by Chair, Michael Rocks, and Vice-Chair, Liz McGovern, the group is working to energize New York City’s young professional community around this mission. 

The YLC is already filling its 2012 calendar with a Comedy Night planned for this summer and its annual Red Ball set to occur on Friday evening, October 19th, at Crimson, in New York City. Please save the date for this exciting event!

Please click here to find out more information on the YLC and upcoming events. 

Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on New Discoveries
CSC is pleased to announce that the fifth edition of Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Spotlight on New Discoveries will be released next month. This easy to read booklet discusses the most current innovations occurring in oncology including the newest cancer therapies available, treatments still being tested in clinical trials, and information on the emotional and psychological impact of cancer. This booklet is made possible through support from Pfizer Oncology and Genentech. 

Framing Life with Lymphoma
This program is a research-based, educational program developed by CSC with support from Teva Oncology. It is designed to enhance patient and healthcare team communication. The program includes patient tip sheets, which provide suggestions on how to approach conversations with your healthcare team throughout the cancer treatment journey - from diagnosis and beyond. For information about the program, or to download tip sheets visit

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