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More than 1 million people are living with colorectal cancer in the United States today and an additional 142,000 more Americans will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer this year.  To help meet the growing population of people impacted by colorectal cancer, the Cancer Support Community, in partnership with Fight Colorectal Cancer, released the third edition of its highly acclaimed Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer program on March 15th to commemorate colorectal cancer awareness month.

“Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in our nation. Through programs like our Frankly Speaking About Cancer education series, the Cancer Support Community is able to address the challenges of a diagnosis and empower patients and their loved ones to be an active partner with their health care team,” said Kim Thiboldeaux, President and CEO of The Cancer Support Community.

FSAC: Colorectal Cancer includes a free patient education booklet, workshops, and online content.  Highlights include:

    • The Latest Diagnostic Tools and Screening Guidelines
    • An Overview of Treatment Options and Side-Effect Management
    • Tips for Effective Communication with Your Health Care Team
    • Coping Strategies 
    • Up-To-Date Listing of Colorectal Cancer Resources

The program was featured on a recent episode of CSC’s Frankly Speaking About Cancer radio series. Guests included Cindy Robinson, a colorectal cancer survivor, advocate and spokesperson for Fight Colorectal Cancer, Carolyn Grande, an oncology nurse practitioner, and Ellen Levine, Program Director of CSC affiliate, The Wellness Community- Central New Jersey. Visit the show website to check out this informative and inspiring episode.

To learn more about Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer visit www.cancersupportcommunity.org/colorectal and click “Order Free Materials” at the top of this page for a free copy of the booklet!

Spotlight on Fight Colorectal Cancer
The Cancer Support Community is proud to partner with Fight Colorectal Cancer. Formerly C3: Colorectal Cancer Coalition, Fight Colorectal Cancer is the leading colorectal cancer advocacy organization in Washington, DC. The organization empowers survivors to raise their voices, trains advocates around the country, and educates lawmakers and pushes them for better policies. They offer support for patients, family members, and caregivers, and they serve as a resource for colorectal cancer advocates, policymakers, medical professionals, and healthcare providers.

"Fight Colorectal Cancer has always been a resource for colorectal cancer patients and their family members. The Frankly Speaking About Cancer: Colorectal Cancer program and our partnership with the Cancer Support Community has been key to our efforts to make sure that patients have the most up-to-date and accurate information available," says Carlea Bauman, President of Fight Colorectal Cancer.

For more information, visit: http://fightcolorectalcancer.org/.

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