An Update on Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis

The reviews are in, and Reclaiming Your Life After Diagnosis: The Cancer Support Community Handbook has been generating quite the buzz! Kim Jewett, a two-time breast cancer survivor, called the book, “A necessity for every cancer patient and their loved ones to empower them through diagnosis into survivorship.”

Another reviewer, Marcia Donziger, Founder and Chief Mission Officer of had this to say about the book:

This book is a must-read, not just for cancer patients but for their loved ones as well. The authors are experts in this field, and have given us a modern guide that is uplifting, simple-to-understand, and comprehensive in how to handle the various emotional challenges that inevitably come up during and after cancer treatment. I believe this information should be in every resource library at hospitals and is also a perfect gift for a patient or caregiver in need.

At book signings this summer at Gilda’s Club Chicago and Cancer Support Community Santa Monica, authors Kim Thiboldeaux, CSC President and CEO, and Mitch Golant, PhD, CSC Senior Vice President of Research and Training, met with CSC participants, friends and board members to discuss the book and share their thoughts.

Released in June, Reclaming Your Life After Diagnosis contains facts about cancer, treatment options and side effect management and addresses everything people living with cancer and their loved ones should know about physical, emotional and social needs. Through this guide, CSC hopes to transform readers into active participants in their long-term plan for wellness.

To order the book in print and Kindle edition and to read more reviews, visit

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